The Hype About Turkish Carpets
Turks are well known for incorporating their beautiful and interesting motifs and tones into carpets. Turkish carpets come in a swathe of intricate designs and colors to choose from. There are, however, three types of Turkish carpets that are very popular worldwide.Read more about  Antique Turkish Kilim Rugs    at  turkish kilim rugs  . These three types include wool on wool, wool on cotton, and silk on silk. Eevn the cheapest of Turkish carpets are very durable and are perfectly high quality so expect these to stay in great condition for a very long time. Silk carpets are much more delicate than the other types and they need special care and maintenance.

Turkish carpets come in categories and are based on which region they originated from. A few of these examples are the Ushak carpet, Hereke carpet, or Milas carpet. Turkish carpets that have star and medallion motifs are Ushak carpets that are also known as oriental rugs. Among its wide range of tones, some of the very popular ones come in blue, terracotta, saffron, and ivory. These glorious carpets date back since the 15th century and for lover of antiques, you should have these amazing and intricate pieces of art in your collection.

Turkish carpets that contain figurative deigns and patterns are called Hereke carpets and are normally big interior spaces as they are large in scale. Hereke Turkish carpets are made by combining silk, wool, camel hair, and cotton. More often than not, you'll find gold and silver threads incorporated in the designs. Hereke carpets are normally purchased as collectible items by many people around the world.

Other Turkish carpets like Dosemealti, Sumak, Kurdish, Turkish Buhara, and Yahyali oriental rugs have also gained considerable fame from collectors around the world.Read more about  Antique Turkish Kilim Rugs    at vintage kilim rugs  . The great thing about Turkish rugs is that they are very unique from each other and have their own distinct style and design that make them a collector's dream. Many of these carpets are decades old, some of them ranging from 25 to 40 years old. The historical significance of the designs however, are retained and can be found to date back since the 13th century.

Lovers of ancient antiquity almost always scour the shops and even travel to Turkey to find these Turkish kilims and persian rugs. Unlike most carpets, Kilims are flat woven rugs that are designed to hang on walls. Apart from Turkey, one may find these rugs being made in countries like Persia, Pakistan, and Caucasus. These beautiful creations are handmade with intricate designs created in wool and natural dyes. The flat surface in kilims are attributed to a process of tightly interweaving the warp and weft. This weaving technique is often found in pile rugs which are more expensive than kilims and are equally as stunning to behold.Learn more from https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Antique_Turkish_Kilim_Rugs
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