The Many Uses of Turkish Kilim Rugs
Kilim rugs are a type of flat tapestry-woven rugs that traditionally come from Turkey, Iran, and Afghanistan. In most of the producing areas, the rugs were mainly used for decorative purposes such as hanging on walls of tents and cottages.Read more about  Antique Turkish Kilim Rugs    at   turkish rugs. They are also used as prayer mats. In the western and modern world, the rugs are still used for their decorative purposes but they are also used as floor coverings and as mats for meditation and yoga. Their suitability as prayer and meditation mats is influenced by their flat weave. With their flat weave, these rugs do not form a pile like the sophisticated rugs and carpets do. They are also thin which makes it easy to clean them. Kilim rugs do not require specialized equipment to clean. Just a simple hand wash and they will be clean.

Turkish kilim rugs can be used virtually anywhere in the house. They can be used as area rugs where people can sit. With their gorgeous patterns and color, kilim rugs are a great way to brighten up your hallway, kitchen or the patio. The use of these rugs is only limited by your imagination. You can use them to upholster benches, as throws on the bed and they can also be used as curtains. You only need to know how to creatively blend them with your home decor.

Kilim rugs are made out of various materials. The most common material in most regions is wool. Wool is common due to its ready availability in Turkey and surrounding areas. Wool is also commonly used due to its ability to take on dye. In most cases, the wool will be blended with cotton. Cotton is also plenty in these regions and it makes the rug stronger.Read more about  Antique Turkish Kilim Rugs  at  persian rugs  . Ordinary Persian rugs have hemp, cotton and wool threads. In addition to these primary materials, other materials are used to add to the beauty and allure of the Turkish kilim rugs and give them a soft texture and durability. These materials include silk and beads. Beads are usually used in the kilim rugs to make them more attractive.

Buying Turkish kilim rugs from a seller who sources them directly from the tribes that produce them is a good idea. Turkish rugs made by the traditional artisans are usually the strongest and the most durable. Collectors of rugs should think of purchasing vintage kilim rugs which are rare and gorgeous to make their home decor unique and exotic.Learn more from

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